A Delicious and Easy-to-Prepare Pasta: Linguini Carbonara

Carbonara is always my choice when I am super hungry and craving for pasta.

It takes really short time to prepare, and even the first-time cook is able to make a delicious one. Plus the egg and bacon make it a heavy dish, helping the person in famine (here refers to me) to get full easily. 🙂

– Eggs (x2)
– Bacon
– Black pepper (optional)
– Linguini (or any other kind of pasta)
Some also likes to add grated cheese. But since I am not a cheese lover, I usually skip it.

Preparations (5 – 7 minutes) :
1. Boil the water while preparing the ingredients. Add seasalt into the water for boiling.
2. Cut the bacon into small cubes. Or buy the ready-to-use bacon, which was what I did.
3. Separate the egg white and york (in my case I took two yorks and one egge white), and mix the yorks (and white) for later use.

Cooking (8 – 10 minutes):
1. Cook the bacon cubes in a pan to well done, and leave it for later use.
❤ Put little oil for cooking because the fat of bacon will come out.
❤ Put little or no salt, as the bacon is salty enough.

2. Meanwhile put the pasta into the boiling water, cook for 10 minutes (8 – 9 mintues for Al Dente).
3. Take out the pasta from water, put them into the pan and mix with bacon.
4. Pour the egg york onto the pasta evenly while mixing it with the hot pasta until the york is cooked.
5. Buon Appetito!

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