My Seafood Treats in Venice

If I know one thing that is in common no matter where you go in Italy, that is: Italians like to treat you well by stuffing you with their best cuisine.

To wrap up my series posts of Venice trip, I’d like to post some photos of my delicious seafood treats that I had there. Wasting no word and time, let the pictures do the talking……

Another thing I would like to mention is the hotel I stayed in: Hotel Becher. Unfortunately I didn’t take any picture of it, but I would recommend it as it locates in a central area, but still with a reasonable price! In Venice, it is no surprise that accommodations are expensive, but Hotel Becher is a good compromise of price and location. It is in a quiet lane in San Marco district. With 5 – 7 minute walking, you will find yourself in Piazza San Marco in the middle of the crowd. It is a cozy hotel with basic supplement, but still there is a small size terrace, where you can enjoy coffee outdoor and greet to the gondolas passing by.

If you are interested, here is some information about Hotel Becher:

Information on TripAdvisor:

Don’t forget to enjoy the romantic air when you are in Venice. In return the romance may also find you!

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