Discover the Romance of Venice IV: Perfect Combination of Excitement and Peace

I can’t say for everybody who has been to Venice, but to me, Venice is a place full of peace. Of course it is bustling with noise and excitement in the city center, especially around Piazza San Marco. But if you go deeper into the lanes, you will find it calm and peaceful all around.

I found it is more relaxing walking in Venice than in Florence. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love wandering on the street of Florence, but I have to admit that I need to constantly paying attention and watching out for cars, or any traffic coming behind me. But in Venice, I absolutely have no such concern. I can walk as slowly as I want, and have no worry about the gondola will fight about paths with me. 🙂

In Plaza San MarcoThe crowds in Piazza San Marco

A Venetian Resident Resident working in a quiet environment.

Take the chance to walk around when you are in Venice. You will discover the different sides of the city.

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