Murano, it is the name of the island lying about 0.9 miles in the north of Venice, and also represents the colorful glass products made locally.

On arrival in Murano, I was amazed by the variety of shades that can be found in the community. It seems every resident here has agreed to paint their own house in a color, which has to be different to the neighbors. God must overturned a palette here!
The colorful community of Murano

The farther we walked away from the downtown, the quieter it became. It was such a special experience that with all these colors arousing kinds of emotions and passions in you, while as deeper as you went into the village, it was still so easy to find a land of peace.

In front of a Murano House
A local family taking a walk in the lake A local family taking a walk in the lake

Besides the beautiful town itself, Murano (the glass product) is definitely piece of art! It is made into all kinds of products involving in areas of people’s live: jewelry, kitchenware, tableware, decorative items, etc.. I couldn’t remember how many stuff I wanted to buy. They all looked so delicate and pretty. (At the end, I only bought a few pieces of jewelry for myself. Better than getting nothing though. :P)
A window decorated with flowers made of Murano A window decorated with flowers made of Murano

Although I couldn’t take all the glasses back home with me, I did take lots of photos to record as much as possible this nice trip. Anywhere you put the camera, there might be a postcard coming out of it.

To see more pictures of Murano, welcome to visit my facebook album HERE. 🙂

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