Discover the Romance of Venice I: Gondola Driver’s Song Waving in the Air

Finally I am putting my travel experiences to Venice into words.

As a well known place all over the world, Venice’s charm has no doubt been recorded countless times. From my old hearings and understandings, Venice is a special place because the major “roads” there are made of water. But it wasn’t until I went there myself that I realized this city above the water was extremely romantic!

Taking a tour on a gondola is considered a must-do in Venice. But the thing I found that makes the whole experience romance is gondola drivers’ singings.

One day I was finishing my breakfast, sipping a cup of cappuccino in the hotel restaurant, when a singer’s song with accordion accompanied waving towards. I rushed out of the restaurant, and saw a gondola was driving towards. Apparently I was not the only person got attracted, lot of people walking in the neighborhood stopped by to listen to the song. Everybody stayed until the gondola drove away disappearing in the lane.
Venice - Gondola

But gondola driver’s singing is something can only be found by accident not by seeking. You may be wandering in the lanes, and suddenly out of nowhere someone’s singing arrives. It surprises you, in a romantic way!
VeniceGondola Driver

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