A Half-Day Tour: See Tuscany from “Alto”

The other day we took a short trip around Tuscany, visiting a few villages on the hills. No route was planned, we just took our car and hit the way.

It makes me exciting to be on this random trip without full picture about what’s the next destination. Usually when we are travelling, the schedule is tight, and all the places to visit are well planned. But we are lucky to have time for casual trip like this. It is quite a special episode.

After lunch in Monsummano Terme, a village in Pistoia famous for spa treatment, we climbed the hills and reached Monsummano Alto. “Alto” is an Italian word meaning “high”. So Monsummano Alto supposes to be the peak of the village. I didn’t expect the view would be so pretty, but I did see a typical Tuscan hilly countryside view in front of me! Being on the peak surrounded by flowers and plants, having a landscape as pretty as this, if there can be some renovations around the area, Monsummano Alto potentially could be a nice place for wedding! (There is already a church though.)

Monsummano Alto

We stayed for half an hour before leaving. Since we enjoyed “Alto” so much, why not keep it coming?! So we decide our next stop to be Montecatini Alto. Montecatini is the town next to Monsummano Terme, where people go for thermal treatment as well. Passing the crowd city center, we reached the peak of Montecatini after 15-minute driving. Different from the city center, Montecatini Alto was peace and quiet. Walking on the road paved with bricks and stones, I couldn’t help to admire how much people here appreciate their culture and history, and how well they preserve the things from ancestors.
600 car

We took a break in one of the restaurants in the plaza for a coffee. It was a restaurant serving Tuscan dishes, at the same time a shop selling tableware, which they used for serving customers.
Tableware Shop

At the end of the day, we headed back home full of nice pictures in our camera and joy in our heart.

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