The reason why I call it a dish without recipe is because it is so easy to prepare. You may know how to make it on seeing the picture.

I learned it from one of my Italian friends when she invited me for dinner in her apartment last time I visited Italy. Interestingly I find similar dish existing also in Chinese cuisine! But instead of making it a salad, we fried the rice with all other ingredients, naming it Fried Rice (Chao Fan 炒饭).

Basically you can add anything you like in this rice salad. As easy as it looks, I just quickly recap all the things I used to prepare it:

♦ Rice: boil the rice same way as boil the pasta for 10-15 minutes. Stirring from time to time, making sure it is not over cooked

♦ Beans: boil and cool them before mixing with other ingredients

♦ Sausage: chop into small pieces for use. (I use the Vismara brand, but you can use any one you prefer)

♦ Tuna: smash them before using

♦ Olive oil

♦ Salt

♦ Black pepper

It is a good summer plate, because it can be served cold. Also as it fits most of people’s flavor (because nothing strange is inside), it can be a save choice for party food. I served it in a party weeks ago, and it was quite a popular dish.

Best part: you can change the ingredients added in, so every time it is a “different” dish!

Insalata di Riso: A Dish without Recipe

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