Soon it will be my parents-in-law’s anniversary again. That reminds me the holiday we spent with them last year in Como Lake (Lago di Como) celebrating their 40-year anniversary.

The reason why we decided to bring them to the lake area was because that’s where they spent their honeymoon 40 years ago! The four of us (my parents-in-law, me and my husband) started from Tuscany. The typical hilly countryside view kept us entertained, while as farther as we drove away, the landscape changed from hills to mountains.

We stayed at Hotel Rusall in Tremezzo, which was exact where my parents-in-law stayed during their honeymoon. It is a family owned B&B, and the boss running the hotel now is the son of the old owner. It wasn’t a fancy hotel at all, however the way they run the hotel makes it very welcoming, making you feel staying at home. And what was important is that it is full of old memories. Though it is easy to find luxury accommodations in Como Lake area, I would say Hotel Rusall can be a good compromise between price and surroundings.

View from the backyard of the Hotel Rusall
View from hotel Rusall
View from the hotel Rusall

Cows in the little farm behind the hotel came to us, and that’s how I got the idea of how big their eyes are!

In the morning under the coverage of fog, the lake looked a bit gloomy showing a piece of mystery. However when the sun came out in noon time, it turned to be welcoming. With the sunshine on the lake, it was the perfect time for a tour around the lake. Taking a boat trip crossing the lake, or driving a car shuttling among the mountains with the lake view on your side, or walking alongside of the lake… Either way would be a memorable experience.

Boat trip on the lake

Como Lake

A lazy and relaxing walk along como lake

A Family Trip to Como Lake

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