If Italy makes me fall in love with Italian food, then Tuscany makes me fall for dining in Tuscany countryside.

Podere La Fausta is an agriturismo restaurant located on top of a hill in serravalle Pistoiese, and I’ve been there twice. The first time I was in the middle of selecting venue for my wedding rehearsal dinner, and La Fausta was one of the restaurants that I tried; the second time was for my rehearsal dinner.

The whole experience of being there was very lovely except for how to get there (and that is also one of the things making the experience unforgettable). As  the way climbing up the hill was so undeveloped, the first time heading there, me and my husband we already said “Forget it!” while driving. However as soon as we arrived, our previous attitude became soft as the environment around was so nice, and we looked into each other’s eyes “Maybe we CAN think about it”!

The restaurant is remodeled from a farm house, which is fully decorated interiorly and exteriorly with farming wares! We chose to have dinner outdoor, so as to enjoy the beautiful Tuscany countryside view.

Needless to mention that the food is good, and the price is quite reasonable! The menu is pre-set, so you can’t really order yourself (except for our rehearsal dinner, which we named the dishes we want). But I have to say I enjoyed everything I had: a selection of cold cuts with La Fausta’s homemade bread as starter, a soup, a pasta, and a main course. The whole set menu costs 30 euro per person with wine included.

Maialino allo spiedo, a dish that is beyond delicious
Maialino allo spiedo, a dish that is beyond delicious
Our wedding rehearsal dinner at Podere la Fausta
Our wedding rehearsal dinner at Podere la Fausta

If you are interested to try this agriturismo restaurant and wouldn’t mind to explore the raw country road, here is their information:

Address: Via Marlianese No. 42/c, Ponte di serravalle Pistoiese.
Tel: +39 329 2022115
Web: http://www.lafausta.it/

A Tuscany Countryside Dining Experience: Agriturismo Dinner at Podere La Fausta

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