During my last holiday staying with parents-in-law, I learnt some ways of having ricotta in different dishes. It is easy to prepare, tasting good, and commonly used in home made Italian dishes. I’d like to share them here, and hope you will like them as well. 🙂

1. For Breakfast: Ricotta with Fette Biscottate

I saw my mother-in-law putting ricotta and marmalade on fette biscottate for breakfast. I tried it and liked a lot! The milky taste of ricotta goes perfect with the marmalade. And if you also have a cup of cappuccino, wow, isn’t it a good way to start a day!

Ricotta and marmalade on fette biscottate for breakfast

Ricotta and marmalade on fette biscottate for breakfast

2. For Lunch: Ricotta in Tomato Sauce

As much as I love tomato sauce for pasta, I am willing to learn new methods to make my home-made tomato sauce special and tasty. Then I found that adding a little ricotta into the sauce (just a little bit) can give some cheesy scent to the dish. Put the ricotta into the sauce when it is almost ready, stir until it melts into the sauce.

3. For Dinner Starter: Ricotta for Bruschetta

Bruschetta is like the Sushi in Italian cuisine and you can play with it by putting anything you like on top. Add a layer of ricotta between the topping and the bread. You may like it! 😛


Give it a try and Buon Appetito!!!

This post is to my husband, who always inspires the confidence in me, and wish him happy birthday today!

3 Easy Ways to Eat Ricotta: for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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